Frisbie Senior Center

Our Mission:


Explore together. Learn together. Be together.

Frisbie Senior Center is helping to build a community for Chicago’s Northwest Suburban seniors. With over 65 open programs and a 20,000-square foot, ADA-accessible facility, our mission is to bring seniors together to find new friends and stay active.



Since 1975.

With the support of the City of Des Plaines and Des Plaines Park District, the Frisbie Senior Center was formed as an organization catering to the 55+ age group. Through the efforts of our members, it’s become a one-of-a-kind facility.

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Volunteerism is at the core of the Frisbie Senior Center’s mission, highlighting the importance of engaging older persons in socially, intellectually, and physically enriching ways. Throughout the years, volunteers have contributed billions of dollars to society through their service, helping nonprofits to expand their vision worldwide.

The Frisbie Senior Center is always on the lookout for the next great individual looking to contribute towards the Frisbie Senior Center’s community-based organization. Currently, we’re looking for volunteers to help out as instructors, facilitate our reception area, or to drive for the Meals on Wheels service.

Some roles may require individuals to complete a background check.

If you are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities at the Frisbie Senior Center, please contact us 847.768.5944 or click the button below to learn more!


Our Programs

The Frisbie Senior Center hosts a state-of-the-art facility and a overall culture designed to promote entertainment, education, and friendship. Our programs incorporate the following areas:



At any age, fitness is an important aspect of living your best life. Frisbie Senior Center offers an in-house fitness room, equipped with the latest workout equipment and a host of exercise classes for every level of athleticism, including our Strengthen & Lengthen, Rise & Shine Fitness, and Tai Chi.



Whether it’s a new skill for a job or staying connected to your family and friends, Frisbie Senior Center holds a wide array of courses showcasing the hottest technology solutions and programs for all levels! Join one of our classes to better understand the basics computers, efficiently use the iPhone, and more.


If you want to mix up your routine, consider Frisbie Senior Center’s day trips. Explore new cultures, cuisines, art, performances, and the best gaming destinations nationwide with your guest! Every month, Frisbie Senior Center coordinates an extended day trip, which could take you on a journey to a new city or state! Day Trips usually include a meal and deluxe motor coach transportation. Visit our Facility page to learn more about our upcoming day trips.

Special Events

Frisbie Senior Center host multiple special events every month. From live music and art receptions, to health talks and luncheons, there is always something happening at our establishment. Take a look at our monthly calendar to check out our current and upcoming events!


March 2018

“Just walk through the door - you'll feel so welcomed.”

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